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Plan Ahead with Heirflow CARES™

We help you leave behind a more helpful and caring legacy with our simple, secure web technology.

That's why we created this Lite version of Heirflow — the Heirflow CARES program — to make a positive difference for all families looking for ways to bring peace and clarity to their loved ones during their time of need.

Your compassion and forethought today can leave a lasting legacy that money alone can't buy.

Heirflow CARES

Heirflow CARES offers 5 guided planning journeys to help you leave a more complete legacy.

The Heirflow CARES™ System:

  • Communication Planning for Family Emergencies
  • Adjuster-Ready Home Inventory Documentation
  • Resilience and Succession through Family Transition
  • Ethical Will and Legacy Letter Writing
  • Safe and Secure Online

Early Praise for Heirflow CARES™

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Nobody wants to talk about dying. But discussing their future quality of life is the right thing to do. The conversations are actually comfortable once we broke the ice. It's future problem solving.

— Keith S.

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I always thought Estate Planning was about the will and the life insurance. And it still is. But when I think about it this way, tying up the loose ends is priceless.

— Olivia W.

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You've taken the fear from me about dying. I realized so much of the dread was worry about leaving them in overwhelm.

— Emily F.

"Discovering Heirflow CARES was such a relief."

"Discovering Heirflow CARES was a relief. It's the perfect solution for managing our affairs on a limited budget. The process was simple and brought our family peace of mind, knowing all is in order for the future. It's a must-have for families looking to secure their legacy without financial strain."

Balancing Traditional and Personal Estate Planning

Heirflow CARES™ is more than an estate planning tool; it's a comprehensive guide for preparing your legacy. Our web application simplifies the process of organizing traditional planning documents while also encouraging you to share the stories and values that define your life. With Heirflow CARES™, you create a master file that not only eases the responsibilities of estate executors but also preserves your personal legacy for future generations.

Your Comprehensive Legacy Planning Solution

Through the Heirflow CARES™ program, we offer a structured approach to estate planning. From compiling essential documents to sharing your hopes and dreams, each step is designed to ensure a complete and balanced preparation. Our program covers everything from practical asset management to sentimental farewell messages and digital legacy planning.

Engage, Learn, and Share with Heirflow

Join the Heirflow™ community and gain access to a wealth of resources. Participate in live digital events, connect with professionals through the Heirflow Marketplace™, and securely store your documents in our Heirflow Cloud™ storage. Heirflow University™ offers courses to further your understanding of both traditional and personal aspects of estate planning.

Don't delay. Start now.

In just a few steps, you can bring your legacy to life.

Heirflow CARES

Heirflow CARES offers 5 guided planning journeys to help you leave a more complete legacy.

"Heirflow CARES is a Blessing"

Heirflow CARES is a blessing. It doesn't cost a thing and it walks you through how to organize your family's important info. It's really simple, no trouble at all. If you're looking to get your family's affairs straight, Heirflow CARES is the way to go.

For Current Clients of POM Estate, Inc., makers of Heirflow™ and Heirflow CARES™

Our current family succession clients of POM Estate, Inc., will continue to use our proprietary Heirflow™ digital ecosystem at